Suprabhat Chai- Good Morning Tea, also known as the Cognition Enhancer Tea. Ingredients: Lemon grass, Guduchi, Brahmi, Kali Mirch with Green Tea Leaves INDICATIONS: Alleviates Kapha, Improves Concentration, Lowers Uric Acid, Good for Heart & Brain, Rich source of anti-oxidant. Available in three more variants.
Shubh Saanjh Chai- Good evening Tea, also known as the Digestive Tea. Ingredients: Mint, Ajwain, Saunf, Shankhpushpi & Green Tea Leaves INDICATIONS: Alleviates Vata, Good for digestion & has carminative property, also reduces excessive eructation. Good for infective disorders, relieves stress & has soothing effect, Good for heart.
Ratri Chai - Night Time Tea, also known as the Relaxing tea. Ingredients: Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Tulsi, Guduchi, Lemon Grass, Kali Mirch & Shankhpushpi INDICATIONS Relieves stress, strengthens memory & learning abilities, promotes digestion & enhances bio-availability of other herbs, alleviates muscle spasms, headache & fatigue, a good source of antioxidant.
Glimpse of our dental practice ! Meraki Dental Studio is a multi-specialty, state of the art clinic for all your dental needs. We believe in making dentistry a Painless experience.
The epic Journey of 12 Tata Safaris through 5000 kms of the treacherous terrain in breathtaking Leh, Ladakh.
Meraki Multi-Specialty Dental Studio is a state of the art facility with well-qualified dentists who believe in continued education, and utilizes the world's latest technology and procedures to offer unprecedented service and care which you and your family is looking for. We believe in minimally invasive and painless dentistry.